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INTENT Podcast 008: Bob Yeager

Bob is a little bit of an enigma, in the sense that he is very mysterious and is a man with a bunch of skills you will be hard-pressed to find today. He possesses an uncanny ability to think critically and take and make informed decisions.

A gifted copywriter in his own right, he is quietly training the next generation of copy rockstars and you would not know it to look at his presence online.

On today’s episode, we go over a wide variety of topics, from Bob’s woodworking, to his copy/business mentoring. You’ll discover how society operates with group manipulation, avoiding conversations that cause conflict in the workplace as well as why people are emotionally unaccepting, amongst many other things.

“  I always say that if you're a consultant, a coach or whatever, and you're teaching the younger generation you should be teaching them from where they are, where you used to be, you're marketing to that former self Have you think about that person and what they were looking for in the trouble that you went through at that age.” – Bob Yeager

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What it means to be conservative
  • Avoiding conversations that cause issues at work
  • Why people are emotionally unaccepting
  • Group manipulation
  • Figuring out things to do daily that’ll make life easier
  • Lack of discipline
  • Taking action over motivation
  • Self-discipline in an unfiltered world
  • Designing your life as you want
  • How social media affects kids
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Positioning yourself to obtain recurring revenue in an industry
  • How spending power in the market changes
  • Limited thinking 
  • Looking for market confirmation

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