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INTENT Podcast 006: Ryan Lee

Ryan is like a godfather of internet marketing and membership sites, In my humble opinion. He created his first sports training membership site back in 1999. He has a passion for helping people live a better life, whatever that may mean for them. 

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, he went on a journey to change things for himself which led to creating his latest endeavour REWIND, a Superfood bar. He has taken his years of experience and built REWIND to help people live a better life. I should also add that he is using REWIND almost like a social enterprise, as he brings in kids for deprived neighbourhoods and teaches them about entrepreneurship, and what it takes to run a business.

Just as he is obsessed with business and the challenges it presents, Ryan is equally if not more obsessed with living a good and healthy life with his wife and four kids. 

On today’s episode, we talk about Ryan’s mentality and what it means to run a business to support your life, instead of the other way around.

“You cannot function at your peak, you can't build the best business you could possibly build. Unless you're physically getting yourself ready” – Ryan Lee

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Ryans Mentality
  • Emotional Attachment
  • What being an entrepreneur means to Ryan
  • How he decided to let go of freedom and get into rewind
  • How it feels to get his students to a place they can buy his company from him
  • How to handle someone using your system for sales
  • The silliest new trend
  • Advice on how people can stay focused in what they are doing 
  • People should focus on quality and making it about themselves
  • What led to the idea of having the heart and smart
  • Incubator on teaching kids how to start a business

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