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INTENT Podcast 014: Matt Murphy

Matt loves challenges. In fact, he loves challenges so much that he swam the English Channel (and is ready to take on more!). You could say that he’s fearless...within reason.

Professionally, he has also been a Personal Trainer for 20 years and eventually shifted to Web Development after getting kicked out by his landlord. Currently, Matt is part of Internet Fit Pro and helps build sites for fitness establishments and professionals. 

In this episode, Matt passionately shares his experience as a Personal Trainer, Web Developer, and (rather extreme) swimmer. We also tackle the mindset of a person who likes challenges and how he is able to face all of these challenges, willingly and fearlessly.

“Just deal with the thing that you’ve got to deal with right now, and not worry about what’s coming.”  -- Matt Murphy

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Who is Matt and what does he do?
  • Matt’s shift from being a personal trainer to a web developer
  • The advantage of small, boutique-type gyms
  • Matt’s swimming experience on the English Channel
  • The importance of being present
  • What pushes Matt to undertake challenges
  • Tega’s skydiving experience
  • How to navigate through the “waiting” phase in business
  • How to do something outside of your comfort zone

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