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INTENT Podcast 005: Aaron Selkrig

At just 17 years old Aaron enrolled in The Australian Army and became an army combat fitness instructor. With six years in the Army, starting his own tattoo shop in Thailand, and even a few business “war stories” under his belt, Aaron has emerged victorious. Being able to grow his newest business into a million-dollar company in Helsinki Finland: Selkrig Performance Unit.

Aaron also leads Selkrig Performance Unit, a fitness den for busy entrepreneurs where Aaron and his team transform how you think about exercising and being in the gym with programs custom tailored specifically for each person. He also runs a virtual coaching program for entrepreneurs, his success might be a surprise to some people, but to Aaron.

This Aussie training champ has a drive and determination in SPADES, He even moved to a new country with a totally different language to start his own business!

Today, we talk about how Aaron got into strength training, What attracted him to entrepreneurship and how to overcome dealing with conservative clients in a business.

“Always validate your Idea” – Aaron Selkrig

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Aaron got into strength and conditioning
  • His marketing strategy for a tattoo shop
  • What attracted Aaron to being an entrepreneur
  • How he transferred the skills with him to the gym
  • How he overcomes the conservative mentality in Finland 
  • Why he went to Finland
  • Lessons learned from a failed business
  • Working for skills
  • What it feels like to pull the pin on a business idea when it isn’t working
  • At what point do you decide what I’m doing has something good going on and how do you capitalize on it.
  • How he arrived at his business model
  • Short term sacrifice for long term goals
  • How to make the company great for work and great for people
  • Advice for anyone interested in starting a business

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