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INTENT Podcast 016: Jono Poon

A Conversation between 2 Friends

This is a little bit different to the usual format of the podcast, Jono hosts a late night chat show and invited me as a guest. I enjoyed our conversation so much as it turns out I like to talk in the right situation and with the right people.

Jono is a long time friend and like me struggles to talk about what he does(in a professional sense. He shared an article with me about being a “full-stack digital marketer,” although he doesn’t want to be labeled as such. He loves providing solutions to fellow entrepreneurs and specialises in high-level inner performance and leadership. 

He isn’t just a full-stack digital marketer, he’s full-stacked on plenty other skills as well. 

As a British-born-Chinese, Jono has had a challenging childhood and was never used to being the centre of attention. That eventually changed when he decided to step into the limelight from the shadows to help people find themselves in both life and career. Now Jono is a proud public speaker and hosts his own podcast.

In today’s new style, we cover a range of interesting topics like stoicism, symbiotic relationships, and why we shouldn’t be using labels to identify each other. 

“If I want to see change, I’ve got to be the change.” - Jono Poon

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Life updates during lockdown
  • Tega’s life in highschool
  • How to practice stoicism
  • What is self-awareness?
  • Symbiotic relationships 
  • What is a full-stack digital marketer?
  • The problem with labels
  • Jono’s childhood
  • How Jono feels about stepping into the limelight

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