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INTENT Podcast 012: Joshua Koerpel

Joshua has a passion for engineering, Marketing, sailing the world, and going cross-country on his motorcycle called Genghis. His rather unique adventures have instilled in him the resiliency and confidence to excel in both life and business.

He is the founder of softwares like Funnel Mappy and which allow businesses to effectively manage their customers. And it was through that Joshua started his podcast Firebuilders Live to further inspire and educate coaches and consultants.

In today’s episode, Joshua covers an array of topics from how he started his software Funnel Mappy, to his life and learnings as a professional pirate. He talks about the importance of walking the talk and how his desire to help other people led him to starting his own podcast and trying many business ventures.

"Confidence for me is to act even though it's unknown." - Joshua Koerpel

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Joshua’s life on the Key West
  • The origin of the Funnel Mappy software
  • How to turn a vague idea into reality
  • Finding the motivation after setbacks
  • Joshua’s learnings as a professional pirate
  • Building confidence faster
  • Joshua’s life on a boat in the middle of winter
  • Peoples’ struggles with funnels
  • The idea of “selling the sizzle and not the steak”
  • Why Joshua started his podcast Firebuilders Live
  • The importance of consistency in setting expectations
  • Life advice from Joshua

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