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INTENT Podcast 002: Damien Fogg

Damian used to be into finance and financial advising, trading and property. He managed to retire at a reasonably early stage. Damian has an obsession with property as his career started over a decade ago when he decided to go full time into the property after working as a financial advisor (CeFA) at the time. 

With his combination of perfectionism and love of qualifications, he went back to university to obtain a Masters Degree (MSc) in Commercial Building Surveying which led to him becoming a chartered building surveyor (MRICS).  He’s currently focused his mission to helping other people gain more time and reduce their stress by managing their finances and investing for their long-term future.

Today, we cover his move from the financial sector to property, a comparison between his day to day life, then and now. We also cover what work entails under the freedom setting working for himself has provided and how he helps others.

“It’s better to make the wrong decision than no decision” – Damien Fogg

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Comparison of Damian’s life now in comparison to when he worked in the financial sector
  • Comparison between his day to day life when in the financial sector 
  •  What work is like under freer conditions
  •  What is it like having a traditional job for 3 months and then retiring
  • Our “why”
  • Things that you’d need to do to as an average person in order to get your investments to look after you
  • How to live below your means
  • How to decide what’s vital and what’s not vital to living below your means
  • Figuring out income, expenditure 

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