INTENT Podcast 024: Brian Keith

Brian Keith

Brian Keith is the founder of Optimize for Outcomes to help businesses scale and achieve their ultimate goals. He gained his experience from spending 22 years in corporate America working for companies of all sizes. Not only that, but he also has a passion for processes and getting things done efficiently.

In today’s episode, we talk with Brian about his journey to becoming a business owner and his YouTube channel on tropical plants. He then shares his journey of working for big corporations and if he’d do anything differently about his past. 

“Don't let fear be a reason to not do something.” -- Brian Keith

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Who is Brian?
  • Brian’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Working in big corporations
  • How it felt starting from the bottom again
  • Dealing with people who don’t take your advice
  • Brian’s YouTube channel
  • Brians’ life in the military
  • Would Brian do anything differently in his life before? 
  • Brian’s advice on how to get more out of life

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