INTENT Podcast 023: Jeff Nemeth

Jeff Nemeth

Jeff Nemeth believes that conventional wisdom is overrated. This is why he is able to provide a unique approach to his coaching clients, who include people who are currently figuring out what to do after big events in their lives. If you just got married, just got a kid, or had your kids grow up and move out, Jeff is the person to speak to.

In today’s episode, Jeff talks about his opinion on social media and his perspective of the divisiveness of everyone and their differing opinions. He also shares how he uses social media as a tool for creativity instead of one to simply kill time. 

“There's a lot of value in engaging with people that have different views from you.” -- Jeff Nemeth

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Social media’s effect on society
  • Is there a solution for divisiveness in social media?
  • How to use social media wisely
  • The line between creation and consumption
  • What to do once you’ve reached your goals?
  • The dumbest thing Jeff has ever done
  • The most amazing thing Jeff has ever done

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