INTENT Podcast 020: Leon Streete

Leon Streete

Leone Streete started out as a DJ back in 1995. He thought this is what he’d be doing for the rest of his life until he found a side hustle in making websites. From that, he transitioned to marketing and now helps other business owners avoid the pitfalls and know what to do to grow their businesses.

He is the founder of Business Owner Elevation and the author of “More Leads More Clients.” Through his company, he has helped three clients do over a million pounds from their marketing campaigns and numerous other clients hit multi 6-figures.

In today’s conversation, we talk about Leon's insights on failure and the lessons that he got from those failures.  and how we applied those lessons to the other areas in his life. If you're currently looking down the abyss and not quite sure what to do next, then this episode is definitely one for you to listen to.

“If you truly want to succeed, you ask for help.” -- Leon Streete

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Who is Leon?
  • Leon’s passion for music
  • How Leon become a marketing coach
  • What does being an entrepreneur mean for Leon?
  • Why Leon doesn’t believe in labelling
  • What was it like building websites in 1997?
  • Leon’s shift from DJ to making websites
  • How Leon let go of bad clients
  • Leon’s messy middle
  • What was Leon’s biggest failure?
  • How to build a strong mentality
  • Leon’s advice on how to propel yourself forward

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