INTENT Podcast 019: Mark Kington

Mark Kington

If you’ve seen cartoon Tega on my Facebook pages, I’ll have you know that my guest today is the guy who led me to create a cartoon version of myself. Mark Kington, my internet friend whom I hope to meet in real life one day, is someone who’s really cool and great at what he does.

Mark is a successful copywriter who is also known as “The Copy Father.” He helps businesses optimise their copywriting and marketing to increase their sales and conversion rate. He is also a proud family man and believes in the importance of cultivating healthy relationships.

In today’s episode, Mark and I speak about some things that I have been thinking about for quite some time. Things like the fear of being pigeonholed and dealing with shiny object syndrome. We also talk about his career as a copywriter and how he cultivates great relationships with people both inside and outside his business.

“Without having relationships in your life, things are going to be a lot harder.” -- Mark Kington

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What does impact mean to Mark?
  • What is copywriting?
  • How does one become a copywriter?
  • How Mark came up with the branding for Copy Father
  • How important are relationships in life and entrepreneurship?
  • The impact of Mark’s kids in his life and business
  • Why Mark is against the 9 to 5 
  • Fear of being pigeonholed 
  • Dealing with shiny object syndrome
  • What would Mark have done differently?

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