INTENT Podcast 018: Chris Richards

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Chris Richards used to be part of the military for 15 years where he did multiple jobs such as IT administrator, radio signaler, criminal intelligence analyst, and communications data specialist. Currently, he is a mindset mentor for 6-figure entrepreneurs. He helps these individuals get over the blocks that keep them stuck and frustrated whenever it comes to growing and scaling their business.

He is also a proud dad to two amazing daughters and a loving husband to his beautiful wife.

We had a really cool discussion today  which primarily centred around how he made that shift from being in the army to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Some of the topics that we covered in today's episode include the importance of having mentors and coaches, how to reinvent yourself whenever you're making a change in your career path, and other valuable lessons from Chris.

“You don't grow by hating parts of yourself. You grow by accepting them.” -- Chris Richards

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Who is Chris Richards?
  • What does a criminal intelligence analyst do?
  • Chris’ transition from being in the military to becoming an “entrepreneur”
  • What is Amazon dropshipping?
  • The idea of easy wins
  • When Chris realised that there are no easy wins
  • How Chris’ business has been adjusting to the pandemic
  • How your body deals with fear
  • Chris’ mindset shift
  • Does society play a role in transforming yourself?
  • How to allow yourself to create more content
  • How do you ask for help in a positive way?


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