INTENT Podcast 013: Stephen Somers

From humble beginnings in a Starbucks shop in Belfast, Stephen was eventually able to grow his business, Marketplace Superheroes, into 7-figures. Not only that, he currently owns and is an investor in several other companies as well and is looking at a $12-million revenue by the end of 2020. 

But funny enough, Stephen doesn’t really consider himself to be a businessman, but rather, a marketer. 

He strongly believes that the value in a business is not in the product or service itself, but in the actual marketing of it. This approach, together with his ability to find out what customers need, has taught him many valuable insights in business that he is currently teaching to others.

In today’s episode, Stephen talks about how he was able to grow multiple companies through being ethical, realistic, and self-aware. We get to learn more about Stephen’s unique and humble view in the world of business and why that has made him the successful entrepreneur he is today.

“That’s the big thing. Knowing what you’re good at, figuring out what you’re really good at, and being honest about what you’re really good at...and then designing your life and your business around those things.” -- Stephen Somers

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Stephen was able to grow his multiple businesses
  • The importance of building trust in your business
  • Why Stephen considers himself to be a marketer more than anything else
  • How Stephen’s businesses came to be
  • The biggest opportunities in every business right now
  • Ethics in business
  • Finding the line between being motivational but still realistic when marketing
  • How to set realistic but attractive expectations
  • Stephen balancing family and business life
  • Learning to say no to opportunities
  • How to make the most out of your time in life

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