INTENT Podcast 011: Tega Diegbe

Tega, the founder of the Intent Podcast, may be uncomfortable talking about himself, but this has allowed him the ability to be genuinely interested in what other people are doing. Through his connections in the entrepreneurial space, he is able to have interesting conversations with some rather interesting individuals.

He hopes that with these conversations, he will be able to help his podcast listeners find their way as well. Through his knack of wanting to develop the people around him, he is able to impart valuable knowledge to everyone he comes across. 

In this raw episode of the Intent Podcast, Tega faces the uncomfortability of hosting his first solo show. What started off as unfamiliar territory for him soon flourished into a train of thoughts from how he started his podcast to what his plans are moving forward.   

“Do more uncomfortable things, especially in business.” - Tega Diegbe

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Focusing on growth this quarantine
  • Embracing uncomfortability
  • The 5-day challenge
  • Tega’s decision to record his first solo podcast
  • The Intent Podcast and how it started

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