INTENT Podcast 010: Tim Goodwin

Tim is a man who has lived three different lives in three very different and diverse industries. In his younger years, he went to university to do a degree in computer science and artificial intelligence. Due to him not being a huge fan of maths he graduated with a general science degree. He then spent 8 years working for tech companies and carrying out support roles where necessary. He also worked in project management as well as product management.

A little bit tired of the corporate grind, He trained to be a personal trainer and was one for another 8 years and during that time he established a reputation as a tech orientated personal trainer. Extending support to other personal trainers who struggle with the general tech requirements of running a PT business.

He also got a little bit tired of that after several conversations with his entrepreneurial clients and gave up being a PT to set up his current venture Lean Greens. Which is a nutrition supplement company based in the UK. He has been working on this since 2012.

Today, you’ll discover more about Tim's business Lean Greens and how the guy who loathed maths is now using it to run a very successful business.

“The money is not the most important thing, whilst it is something it is something that drives them, it is the game that their playing ” – Tim Goodwin

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Dealing with Imposter syndrome
  • What makes an entrepreneur interesting
  • Who is Tim
  • Should Money be a driving factor in business
  • The difference between a Marketer vs a Businessperson
  • Contract manufacturers could be the secret weapon but you have to find the right one
  • The Cashflow Quadrant
  • How he runs lean greens
  • How he navigated managing money for his business
  • Split testing
  • Putting your money where your mouth is 
  • What do you want to be known for
  • Biggest mistakes in business Tim has made
  • A skill he’d advise a young entrepreneur to learn
  •  Understanding the customer
  • Mountain biking
  • Being better than you were yesterday
  • Lockdown
  • Take on how the world would get back to normal

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