INTENT Podcast Intro: Tega Diegbe

This episode is to talk a little bit about the podcast, what I envisioned for the podcast and what I hope to achieve with the podcast.

I spent like three months trying to think of a super clever name for the podcast. When I settled on INTENT, I had to think of a fancy reason why I would call my podcast intent. It could be tied to intention, it could be tied to intention and entrepreneurship. It could be tied to how entrepreneurs will, their intent into existence. 

I do the stuff that I know and love to do so well and stay in my comfort zone. So first and foremost, this podcast is going to be a way for me to step out of my comfort zone. The way I met these people and these people, I'm referring to, is going to be my podcast guests. The way that I've met these people would have been interacting with them primarily in a business sense. And as we did more business stuff together, as we did deals and worked out different things together, I've gotten to know some of them. 

So I wanted to get to know these people better. And in wanting to get to know them better, I knew that I couldn't maybe travel to where they are cause these guys are all over the world. In asking them questions and getting their answers to things that I'm intrigued about, I hope that people will learn different things that they can take away and use in their day to day lives. 

I would hope to grow into a place where we can just sit and talk business, talk about business and lessons learned from all that.  I hope you enjoyed this episode and you maybe got something from it that you can take and use and implement in your business or life. If you're interested in any of the links mentioned or any more information about anything that talks about in the show today, you can go to

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