INTENT Podcast 004: Ben Poggemiller

When Ben was younger he always had a creative side to him. He also always thought of ways to make money from this creative side of his. In elementary school, he drew comics books with the idea of selling them to friends. This mindset carried over into high school where he and his locker partner sold food, drinks and candy out of their locker. They happen to be business partners today in his local brick and mortar business. Ben later went on to work for a family that owned 5 branches of the Tim Hortons Canadian restaurant chain. 

He handled the equipment maintenance for the chains.

He soon realised this wasn’t his dream knowing he always wanted to get involved in education and be an academic. After deciding NOT to pursue a PhD, he chose to do something that will utilise all the skills he had picked up from university. 

Today, we find out what got Ben into Facebook ads, How he went from an employee to decide I’m going to start a local business.

“Just doing one thing every day that’ll grow each business is very important” – Ben Poggemiller

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What made him become an entrepreneur
  • What got him into Facebook ads
  •  How long it took him to get his first client
  •  How he decided to become a businessman
  • Going from being your own boss into being in a partnership
  • Difficulty in finding people to do jobs in a small town
  • Dealing with customer demands and prospect demands as the owner
  • Still running ads for clients
  • How he managed running ads for clients and his own business
  • Sales calls
  • Skills built over the course of his career
  • How to manage not having control
  • Shifting focus on the businesses he owns
  • Marketing growth plan for both businesses
  • Advice to people wanting to be an entrepreneur 

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Contact Ben:

  • Ben Poggemiller
  • Ben is doing this cool thing called Apple Picker Campaigns GO HERE to find out if he can help you

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